Power Bank – Error 188, display flash with all numbers

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Nowadays, power banks are becoming increasingly popular as people rely on their devices (such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras and etc) for work, entertainment, and communication.

But sometimes power bank with displays doesn’t work and have “188 error” – power bank screen flashing all numbers “188”. In most of cases this error caused by complex power bank malfunction that can be fixed only in service center or as a result of internal power bank protection circuit (for example, overload, short circuit and etc).

In some of cases you can restore power bank by reset – press power bank button on 5,10,15 or 20 seconds for reset. Also you can try to search using sentence “power bank your_powerbank_manufacter how to reset”.

If it doesn’t help or have another error – in this case only service center can do repair. If you still have warranty it can be case that will be covered free by warranty.

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