Распиновка SIM карты

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6 контактный разьем на карте


 Контакт Имя Описание
 1 VCC +5 VDC power supply input (optional use by the card)
 2 RESET Either used itself (reset signal supplied from the interface device) or in  combination with an interal reset control circuit (optional use by the  card). If internal reset is implemented, the voltage supply on Vcc is  mandatory
 3 CLOCK Clocking or timing signal (optional use by the card)
 4 GND Ground (reference voltage)
 5 Vpp Programing voltage input (optional). This contact may be used to supply  the voltage required to program or to erase the internal non-volatile  memory.
 6 I/O Input or Output for serial data to the integrated circuit inside the card
 7 I/O or N/C Input or Output for data or not connected
 8 As or N/C Application specific or not connected

8 контактный разьем на карте

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