SoftEther – Access only to internal network without Internet (Windows)

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By default, SoftEther virtual network interface under Windows has higher priority and when you connect to VPN – all external traffic routed over VPN gateway. If need access only to internal VPN network, need to change metric on interface.


  1. Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet (or Network and Sharing Center) and find SoftEther virtual network interface.
  2. Right click on SoftEther network interface and choose Properties.
  3. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 and click on Properties
  4. Click on Advanced and set metric value to 40 and reconnect to VPN. If it doesn’t work – run cmd and enter route print
  5. Find record where Network Destination is equal
  6. Find metric for record in step 5, plus 5 and put to metric in step 4.
  7. That’s all = )

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